About the Candidate

Hi, I’m Deron Tross and I am running for the Charles County Board of Education, serving District 3. I am running because I feel strongly that children are our future. They need a solid education that equips them with the skills necessary to build successful lives. I believe that the future of Charles County Public Schools depends on the ability of our elected leaders to make choices that promote excellence and equity for all students. This means supporting teachers to do their best work with our scholars and incorporating the input of faculty, staff, families, and community members when designing policies that impact the school system. And it means holding County leadership accountable when test scores flatline, enrollment fails to meet projections and when our scholars are disadvantaged when it comes to technology-based programs and other educational resources based on their geographic location. With your support, I hope to be an advocate for our scholars and the voice representing our community in matters impacting the County’s Public School System.

I was born in the City of New Orleans and raised in the suburbs of Jefferson Parish Louisiana. I am the child of two educators, who had really high expectations for me academically. While I tried my best, I was a student who needed special assistance due to learning differences between me and my peers. My parents worked tirelessly to find the source of my struggles and advocated for me to ensure my best chances for success. Early on it was discovered that I needed an IEP to assist me in achieving grade specific academic goals and, at 16, I learned that I was dyslexic and needed additional assistance, including tutoring and other resources to graduate. I also needed additional academic resources to pursue advanced degrees and achieve success professionally. Through perseverance and a lot of help, I honorably served the United States Army where I was a distinguished member of the Army’s Official Escort to the Presidential Honor Guard Team. I hold the following professional credentials: B.S. in Biology (University of Nebraska); Master of Public Administration (George Mason University); and Project Management Professional (Villanova University). These combined personal experiences have taught me that each scholar needs representation to ensure academic proficiency and establish the framework for life post-graduation. And it this passion that I will bring to the school board to promote an educational system that mirrors the diversity of the learners that make up the population of our school community.